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SU Roadsmart 1

(Formerly Intermediate)

Best for: L-platers, P-platers, Nervous Riders

  • Half Day Course, on your own bike
  • Track-based, road-focussed
  • A car-free environment to work on your skills
  • The first step to riding smart on the road
  • Bike Hire available for ACT and VIC courses
  • Not sure? Call us! 1300 366 640

The first of three road-skill focussed courses, our four hour SU Roadsmart 1 expands the skills – both mental and physical – your journey through the licencing courses introduced you to. SU Roadsmart 1 allows you to build your seat-time in a car-free environment and with our experienced coaches. If you have recently acquired your licence, are returning to riding or are fully licenced but lack confidence, this is the course for you. If you are the nervous friend or family member of a new rider, this is the perfect antidote, too! Call us for a gift voucher on 1300 366 640.

There is zero pressure on you to ride at any pace other than the one you are comfortable with, but we will work with you on road-focussed cornering technique. We will show you how using Roadcraft properly can make your ride infinitely more enjoyable – knowledge SU has developed since 1981. We help you develop your braking technique and your confidence in using them, show you how to use your vision to reduce your risk and the opportunity to practice it all at a realistic road speed. 

The half-day format makes it easier to digest the new information, but still leaves plenty of riding time. We keep the off-bike sessions to a minimum, ensuring your on-bike time is well-spent and travelling in the right direction. Not to mention it’s more fun that way! 




SU Roadsmart 2

Best for: Anyone who rides on the road, including P-platers, Returning Riders, Experienced Road Riders – if you have a motorcycle licence, this course is for you

  • Full Day Course, on your own bike
  • Blends Roadcraft with physical skills
  • Lots of riding time, including Follow Sessions!
  • Cornering, braking, bike control, posture, vision
  • A must-do course for all road riders

SU Roadsmart 2 is the pillar of riding smart on the road. Making yourself seen, cornering lines that work when sharing the road with traffic, creating space around you – these skills are essential when commuting, touring, and enjoying your road registered bike. But how do you merge these mental skills with the physical skills you need to complement your riding? We show you how. This course also develops your braking, cornering and the all-important posture, to help you get more comfortable with your bike and what it can do. We also spend the afternoon carrying out Follow Sessions – one of our coaches following you to give you detailed feedback on your riding and how you can improve it. 

SU Roadsmart 2 is track-based so you can learn without the hazards of on-coming traffic, but road-focussed so it can take you to a new level of self-protection when riding, leaving more room for having fun on the bike!

Our newly revised course maintains its standing as a “must-do” for road riders, something it has been since 1981, and whether you spend every day of the week in the saddle, commute, tour, scratch backroads or enjoy one weekend a month, the concepts and skills you end a SU Roadsmart 2 Course with will form the basis of your riding for years to come.

NOTE: All Roadsmart 2 Courses at Luddenham Raceway (NSW) include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and water, tea and coffee!




SU Roadsmart 3

Best for: Riders who have completed Roadsmart 2, confident Road Riders, Sports  Riders, new Ride Day Riders

  • Follow Sessions included!
  • Cornering is the most fun aspect of riding, but also the area most can improve
  • Explodes some braking myths, and works on the rider’s ability to make the best of their bike’s braking systems, using your own bike
  • Works on your posture to get you comfortable and effective
  • If you want to improve your cornering, yet reduce your risk, this is your course!

This course is the third in our new SU Roadsmart series and takes a good, hard look at two of the most fun, yet misunderstood aspects of riding a bike on the road – cornering and braking.

We show you the best lines to use on the road, and why, as well as an introduction to track lines. We take you through the best techniques and methods to help you get the most out of your spirited road riding, whilst reducing your risk at the same time.

We coach you through the best braking methods and how to make the most of your bike’s technology – once you understand braking, it’s amazing how well you can use brakes on the road to make your ride more enjoyable, consistent and still reduce your risk.

We also start to introduce more track-focussed cornering skills. Book a course near you now – your bike will thank you for it.

NOTE: All Roadsmart 3 Courses at Luddenham Raceway (NSW) include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and water, tea and coffee!



Returning Rider Course

Best for: Licenced riders returning to motorcycling after time away from bikes; licence holders who feel “rusty”; riders who are unsure about riding again and want a taste

  • Ideal transition from years off the bike, to confident road riding
  • Use our bike, or bring your own!
  • Get comfortable on the range, then head onto the road
  • Just $129! (Bike hire is included in the price)
  • Maximum of four per group

Fact: Returning Riders are over represented in bike crash statistics. But there’s a way to tread the path from reluctant bystander to back on a bike – Stay Upright’s Returning Rider Course! A mixture of mental and physical skill refresher and instruction, this course helps you feel good on a bike again – the whole reason you are returning to riding!

With a maximum of four riders per course, we hone your skills – and perhaps introduce some new ones – on a closed range. Then it’s time to head onto the road with our experienced instructor, who will take you through all the up-to-date Roadcraft methods, designed to make your time on the bike as fun as possible, all the while reducing your risk – and the frights!

Prerequisites: You must have a current Australian motorcycle licence


SU Roadsmart Theory Sessions

(Formerly Theory Night)

Best for: Any road rider. If you ride a motorcycle on the road, you need to do this – it’s free! Riders who have completed, or are about to complete, a Roadsmart course will find it even more beneficial

  • We have been teaching this since 1981
  • Blow away some road riding myths
  • Learn how using systems on the road can make all the difference
  • Uncover the major risk points 
  • If you want to reduce your risk on the road, this is for you!

Riding on the road needs great physical skills, but it also needs brilliant Roadsmart mental skills! This three hour session takes you through a series of powerful tools to add to your Roadsmart armoury, all aimed at looking after yourself.

Road riding is 10 percent hands and feet, 90 percent brain, so the saying goes. Why? Because preventing incidents from happening in the first place is much better than trying to deal with them as they occur. But how? Lane positioning, buffering, being Roadsmart makes a massive difference to your fright factor on the road. We know, because we have been teaching an evolving version of this Roadsmart seminar since 1981! It works and any rider can do it.

This free seminar ties in with our Roadsmart series of courses, but even if you don’t do the course, we’d love to see every road rider at one of these seminars, because we know they work.


Best for: Returning riders who want a subsidised training course!

  • Subsidised price
  • An excellent refresher course

Returning to riding, but haven’t done training for 10-15 years? We have a course for you! Based on our Roadsmart 2 course, this Government-subsidised day is aimed at getting returning riders up to speed with their physical and mental skills in a controlled environment and with our experienced coaches helping them regain confidence, systems and skills on the bike. It’s fun and it’s essential for anyone coming back to riding after time off!



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