How do I get my motorcycle licence?

How do I get my motorcycle licence?

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How do I get my motorcycle licence?

Step one: Check your eligibility

You must have held your Drivers Licence for 12 months before applying for a motorcycle learners permit.

Step two: Complete the Q-Ride Pre-Learner Course (two days)

Step three: Complete the Knowledge Test

In order to obtain your Learner Licence, you must take a 30-question knowledge test and pay the applicable fee to Department Transport and Main Roads (TMR).  You can practice the online motorcycle test here.

Step four: Spend three months practicing

You must hold your Learner’s Licence for a minimum of three months before you may apply for your Q-Ride Restricted (RE) Licence.  Stay Upright offer private lessons and accompanied rides to help you gain valuable supervised on-road experience. You cannot ride unsupervised during this time.

Step five – Complete the Q-Ride Restricted (RE) Licence Course (one day)

You need to have completed your Hazard Perception Test prior to attending your RE Course.

Step six: Upgrade your Learner Licence online or at a TMR office.

You may now log in online or visit a TMR office,  to upgrade from your Learners Licence to your Restricted (R) Licence.  If you hold a full Australian driving Licence, you will receive an RE Open Licence (no P-plates are required).  If you currently hold a provisional driving licence, you will need to display the corresponding P-plates.  If you prefer, you can wear a vest that clearly displays a capital ‘P’ of the relevant colour, on the back.

Step seven: Spend two years on your RE Licence (Open or Provisional).

You will need to hold a RE Licence for two years, before upgrading to a Q-Ride Unrestricted (R) Licence or riding an R-Class bike.  You are permitted to carry a pillion passenger after 12-months on a RE Licence.

Stay Upright offer a variety of courses to build your confidence and hone your physical and mental driving skills.  Consider taking a Roadsmart course or Accompanied ride.

Step eight: Receive your R-class Learner’s Permit automatically, after two years.

You will automatically receive an R-class Learner’s Permit after holding a RE Licence for two years.  This allows you to ride a Class R motorcycle – a two or three-wheel bike with an unlimited engine size.  However, you must display an L-plate and be escorted by a holder of an R-class Licence for a minimum of 12 months.  You may not carry pillion riders.

Stay Upright offers a variety of private courses and accompanied rides to assist you in gaining experience on an R-class bike.

Step nine: Book your Q-Ride Unrestricted (R) Course

Step ten: Upgrade your Licence online or at a TMR office

Once marked competent you may now upgrade your licence online, or visit a TMR office. Once processed you are fully Licenced.

QLD Licensing Courses

Q-Ride Pre-Learner Course – from $299

Q-Ride Restricted (RE) Licence Course – from $257

Q-Ride Unrestricted (R) Course – $185


You’re at the beginning of something really great. The two-day Q-Ride Pre-Learner course is a Queensland government requirement to get your hands on a Learner’s Permit.  It’s designed to help new riders gain basic riding knowledge and skills in a safe environment, before riding on the road.

  • Stay Upright is accredited by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, to provide Q-Ride motorcycle training courses.
  • Suitable for complete beginners, we provide bike, helmet and gloves.
  • Choose between weekday and weekend courses, held at our training centre.
  • Spread the cost of the course in interest-free payments through Humm™.

Prerequisites:  A driving licence, held for a minimum of 12 months.

Location: Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Cost: from $299


If you’ve completed the Q-Ride Pre-Learner course and have racked up some riding experience and you’re ready to gain your RE Permit, we’re ready and waiting.  The one-day, accredited course, builds on what you’ve learned and further develops your knowledge and skills.  It includes competency-based training and assessment on both range and road.

  • Stay Upright is accredited by the Department of Transport and Main Roads, to provide Q-Ride motorcycle training courses.
  • Course fee includes bike, helmet and gloves.
  • Choose between weekdays and weekend courses, held at our Brisbane location.
  • Spread the cost of the course in interest-free payments through Humm™.

Prerequisites: You must have held a Q-Ride Learner’s Permit for a minimum of three months.

Location: Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Costfrom $257


It just gets better and better!  If you’ve got your RE and now have lots of riding experience, it’s time to get your Full (R) Licence.  The half-day accredited course is the final step.  It reinforces your knowledge and skills and further develops cognitive skills and risk management strategies.  It takes place mainly on the road and you’ll be coached and assessed throughout.

  • Stay Upright is accredited by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to provide Q-Ride motorcycle training courses.
  • Course fee includes use of bike, helmet and gloves.  You may bring your own, R-class bike if you prefer (LAMS not permitted).
  • Choose between weekdays and weekend courses, held at our Brisbane location.
  • Spread the cost of the course in interest-free payments through Humm™.

Prerequisites: RE Licence held for a minimum of two years

Location: Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Cost: $185

Ride better, sooner!

Private Lessons – $149

Advanced On-Road Coaching Sessions – $149 to $199

Accompanied  Rides – from $109

Head Start Course – from $149


There’s nothing better than some good old one-to-one tuition to build your confidence and enhance your skills – especially when it’s provided by one of Stay Upright’s experienced instructors.

  • Two-hour coaching sessions tailored to suit your needs.
  • Bike hire is included, but you’re welcome to bring your own.

Location: Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Cost:  $149


Make new friends then leave them behind.  Join a small group coaching session to enhance your riding skills and help you to feel more comfortable on the road.  Lead by our experienced instructors, you will be assessed on the range before moving onto the road. You will experience a variety of real-world conditions, with coaching throughout.

  • Destination and activity will be tailored to suit the needs of the group.
  • Sessions are 3 hours and will include no more than six participants.
  • Coaching fee includes use of bike, helmet and gloves – or bring your own to reduce the cost.
  • Spread the cost of coaching in interest-free payments through Humm™ for course fees over the value of $205.

Prerequisites: QLD Learners Licence

Location: Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Cost:  $199 (or $149 with own bike).


It’s hard for L-Platers to get out on the road and gain seat-time, when you must be accompanied by a fully licensed rider. So why not join Stay Upright’s legendary instructors, who will offer on-the-spot tuition to improve your roadcraft skills and build your confidence.

  • Ride begins on the range and moves to the road, once participants are comfortable.
  • 2 hour rides with a maximum of six participants.
  • Course fee includes use of bike, helmet and gloves. You may bring your own if you prefer.

Location: Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Prerequisites: Learners Licence

Cost:  $149


Try before you buy.  If you’re unsure whether biking is for you, or would like to get some one-on-one tuition before undertaking the Pre-Learner Course, try our popular Head Start Course. In a 90-minute, private session with one of our legendary instructors, you’ll be guided through a series of riding basics, such as posture, controls, moving off and stopping. So sure are we that you’ll love riding, that we’ll give you $20 towards our Pre-Learner Course.

  • The course fee includes a $20 voucher towards Stay Upright’s Pre-Learner Course, should you decide to proceed.
  • Cost includes bike hire, helmet and gloves.
  • Choose between a range of time slots.

Prerequisites: None

Location: Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Cost:  $149 

Returning Rider Course

Welcome back. We’ve got the perfect course to refresh your skills and return to riding, safely and with confidence.  With a little help from our experienced instructors, you’ll refresh your skills in a car-free area, then head to the road to hone your skills – and learn new ones.

  • Course is three hours with 15 minutes upfront to prepare and check bikes.
  • Small group size with a maximum of four participants.
  • Bike hire is included, but you’re welcome to bring your own.

Prerequisites: A full, current Australian Motorcycle Licence

Location: Coopers Plains, Brisbane

Cost: $199 (or $149 with own bike)


We began providing Australian Workplace Training in 1990 – and if we do say so ourselves, we’re very good at it.  Our registered courses have achieved the Australia Qualifications Framework at the highest possible level. We work closely with everyone from Government agencies to Agricultural and food delivery businesses, to train staff and significantly reduce the risk of accidents, for two-wheel, Quad and side-by-side vehicles.

We train and assess to National units of competency including:

  • AHCMOM201 – Operate 2-Wheel Motorbikes
  • AHCMOM216 – Operate Side by Side Utility Vehicles
  • AHCMOM217 – Operate Quad Bikes / ATVs

For more information or to book a course for your organisation, contact our professional team at atv@stayupright.com.au.

RTO Code: 90714

How do I get my motorcycle licence?

Step One: Check your eligibility

You must:

  • Be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia, or a temporary overseas visitor (for more information on International Licences, contact Service NSW).
  • Have a NSW residential address.
  • Be at least 16 years and six months of age on the date of the Pre-Learner Course.
  • Have a current driver’s licence or TfNSW Customer number (obtained from Service NSW).
  • Be able to pass an eyesight test and be medically fit to complete the training and hold a rider licence.
  • Ensure your licence is not currently suspended or ineligible.
  • Have no outstanding fines with the State Debt Recovery Office.
  • Have no restrictions in force for improper conduct.

Step Two: Complete your NSW Pre-Learner Course.

Step Three: Complete the computer-based Driver Knowledge and Eyesight Tests at Service NSW

Make an appointment with Service NSW within three months, to complete your Driver Knowledge Test.  You can contact them on 13 77 88 or log into your app.  Don’t forget to take your course certificate.

Step Four: Practice your skills

You must hold your L’s for a minimum of three months and a maximum of 12 months, before you can apply for your Pre-Provisional Licence.

In the meantime, why not practice and hone your skills in Stay Upright’s courses that are perfect for your level of riding.

Step Five: Complete the Pre-Provisional Course and Skill Test (MOST)

Step Six: Head to your local ServiceNSW to get your P1 Licence.

Visit Service NSW with your Pre-Provisional certificate within 3 months of completing your course, along with your Learner Licence.  They will issue you a P1 Licence (Red P) which you will hold for 12 months.

Step Seven: Upgrade your P1 to a P2 or Unrestricted licence

After 12 months on your P1, you can head back to Service NSW to upgrade your licence to a P2 (Green P’s).  If you’re over 25 and hold an unrestricted Australian driving licence, you will upgrade to an Unrestricted Motorcycle Licence.

Now’s the time to really hone your skills and enjoy riding your bike safely.  Stay Upright has lots of courses to keep you improving and growing your enjoyment on the bike.


What should I wear?

You must wear long sleeves, long pants and sturdy footwear (no steel caps) for every course.  We provide helmet, gloves and bike on the Learner’s Course.

What happens if I am late?

If the course has started, you won’t be able to join and you will need to book (and pay) again.

What happens if it rains?

Whatever the weather, our courses will go ahead.

What happens if I can’t make my course or I need to change my date?

Please contact us, at least seven days ahead of your course, to discuss your options.

If you’re sick on the day, please get a doctor’s certificate from your GP and let us know as soon as you can.

Full terms and conditions are provided at the time of booking and attached to your booking confirmation.

I’m new to riding a motorbike – will the Learner’s course teach me how?

The Learner’s course is designed for those with no motorcycle experience.  If you can ride a bicycle, that’s a great start – ideally you need a sense of balance and coordination.  However, since it’s a competencies-based course, there is no guarantee that you’ll pass.  If you think you’ll need a little extra help, book one of our popular private lessons, to boost your confidence.

Give me a break! And what about lunch?

Yes, courses include scheduled breaks, but our trainers are better on the track than they are in the kitchen, so you will need to bring your own lunch and refreshments.  You can use small kitchen to heat up food or pop to one of the nearby food outlets instead.

What does LAMS mean?

LAMS is short for ‘Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme’ – and are bikes that have been approved for Learners.  A LAMS bike has an engine capacity of between 251 and 660cc, with a power output of less than 150kw per tonne.

Can I convert my overseas licence?

Visit Queensland Transport who will review your application for a QLD riders’ licence. They will issue you with a letter of authority to complete training.