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Whether you’re a seasoned or new rider, Stay Upright motorbike school will improve your riding skills to cruise with ease. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), nationally accredited by ASQA, we provide training and testing services on behalf of VicRoads, Transport for NSW (TfNSW), the ACT Government, Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.Australia’s favourite motorcycle school has a long history. Stay Upright kicked off in Sydney in June 1981 when two police rider trainers recognised the need for motorcycle training in the general public — thus starting the first riding school in the country — and it’s now grown to an organisation servicing most states and territories in Australia.

Find the right motorcycle training course for you

The perfect motorbike training course for your level is right here at Stay Upright. To navigate our course options, simply select your state of residence below, and we will direct you to a range of approved training options for your state.

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Whether you’re new to learning to ride a motorbike or looking to build on your current riding experience, rest assured you’ll leave our motorbike school with all the knowledge and confidence you need to stay safe and have fun on the road.

How to get my motorcycle licence

The process of obtaining your much-anticipated motorcycle licence varies from state to state. Depending on your experience level, the first introductory course will help you pass the practical component and receive your Learner’s Permit. The second step is to pass your pre-provisional Red P plate practical exam, and optional courses cover more advanced skills such as defensive riding. If you already have an overseas motorcycle licence, you will only need to sit the practical session of the Learner’s course. To learn more about what steps you need to take, select your state below.

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Discover the pleasure and freedom that riding a motorbike can give you. Enrol in a motorbike training course today! Browse our courses in different locations across the country to get started. Stay Upright prides itself on providing riders with the driving skills required to confidently navigate the roads, regardless of whether they’re beginners, out of practice or interested in learning advanced skills.

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How long does it take to learn to drive a motorcycle?

The length of time it takes to learn to drive a motorcycle differs depending on various factors, such as your learning journey and which Australian state you are undertaking your training in. You don’t even need to own a bike already! By the end of our Learner Permit training, you’ll know all the essentials to keep practising on your own until you feel ready to go on the road. Browse our different locations to find the course that best suits your needs, and let us help you stay upright.

How can I pass my motorcycle test easily?

While knowing how to ride a bicycle might help your sense of balance and understanding how clutch and gears work is beneficial to operating a manual motorbike, neither is a prerequisite. In NSW/ACT, If our experienced trainers determine you need more practice before passing the practical component of your L-plates test, they will ask you to return for complimentary remedial sessions. Alternatively, you can book a private motorcycle training lesson or a Learn To Ride Head Start Course to get ahead. Our Private Lessons can also help you perfect your skills before sitting your P-plates test.