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The Stay Upright Team

Stay Upright Managing Director

Warwick Schuberg

Managing Director

Warwick founded Stay Upright in 1981 after realising road riders would benefit even more from rider training than the Police he was training at the time, as the head of the Police Rider Training Unit. He was the first to introduce the concept that a rider’s safety depends on nobody else but them, and has proudly watched this concept grow into the company Stay Upright is today. He spends more time working on his growing collection of vintage motorcycles than training these days, but remains the driving force behind Stay Upright.

Stay Upright General Manager

Annaliesse Cawood

General Manager

Annaliesse began working in the family business in 2016 after 15 years as a commercial lawyer. Growing up around motorcycles, and being passionate about road safety, Annaliesse enjoys watching the team succeed, and receiving glowing feedback about instructors from happy customers. When not in the office, or out at the track or training centres, Annaliesse is kept busy with her four young children and the wonderful chaos that ensues.

Stay Upright Senior Riding Instructor

Paul Willows

NSW & RTO Manager

Paul joined Stay Upright over 10 years ago, his primary focus teaching newcomers the skills required to ride motorcycles safely on the road. With a background in TAFE teaching and corporate training, he loves supporting our talented team of Stay Upright Instructors, who work so hard, every day, to help our customers enjoy their motorcycling. When not managing, or instructing, Paul enjoys competing in international-level biathlons, his most recent foray earning him a fifth in San Francisco (USA).

Stay Upright Operations Manager

Wayne Clarke

Operations Manager

Wayne began working with Stay Upright in 1993, initially working on all their track-based courses, as the multiple Aussie champion was competing at the time, at a national level and overseas. Over time, Wayne learned how to actually ride slow, rather than just really, really fast on a racetrack, and he is driven by seeing riders improve their skills at all levels. When not training, Wayne loves spending time riding and racing bikes with his wife, Sharon and family.

Stay Upright Business Systems & Finance Manager

Kristy Wachs

Business Systems & Finance Manager

After a lengthy career as a Senior Executive Assistant with large companies, running the office, organising events, managing the Managing Director’s divisional budget and essentially running the joint, Kristy took the opportunity to step back into a family business, where it’s possible to make a real difference. Kristy joined the Stay Upright team in 2016, using her can-do attitude and frenetic work ethic, to tackle any challenge that is thrown her way – even riding a motorbike for the first time in front of her colleagues (she smashed it)!

Stay Upright Senior Riding Instructor

Justin Schuberg

Senior Instructor

Justin started working in the family business in 2009 and hasn’t looked back. He has a passion for training new riders, and loves arming riders with all the skills required to ride smart on the road. He has vast off road experience, having spent a few seasons in Cape York (FNQ) conducting Adventure Tours and currently races Supermoto at Club, State and National level. Justin also has two young boys and is keen to get them started on bikes, so they can share his passion and enjoyment of motorcycles, just as he did when he learned to ride at the age of five.

Stay Upright ACT State Manager

Simon McAdie

ACT State Manager

Simon’s love of motorcycling kicked off while growing up in country Victoria, riding farm bikes, quads and enduro. After a seven year stint in the military, he discovered the motorcycle rider training scheme whilst living in Sydney and quickly jumped on board as an instructor. After 15 years of training all around Sydney, Simon made the move to Canberra to kick off Stay Upright’s ACT effort in 2004, and hasn’t looked back since. When not at work, he enjoys trail riding, racing dirt track or just going for a good ride.

Victorian Stay Upright motorcycle training instructor

Chris Sleeman

Victorian State Manager

Chris was an instructor with Stay Upright for just over two years, before accepting the role as Victorian State Manager in the second half of 2017, and has been over-achieving ever since. He honed his management skills on his five children and convincing his partner that he needs the four bikes in his shed. A die-hard Stay Upright fan for years, Chris is loving his dream job, and looks forward to taking his State as far as he can.

Steve Coppock

Center Manager and Instructor Development Co-ordinator

Steve’s long-time employment with Stay Upright (over 20 Years) complements his motorcycle-focussed life. His Supermotard racebike lives in his van, “just in case”, while his passion for actually riding himself is only matched by a desire to help other people enjoy motorcycles as much as he does. Steve can be found making people better riders – and amusing them at the same time – on the licensing range, the racetrack, on the Adventure bike course and on four wheels with our ATV and SXS training. He does it all – and loves every minute. So do our customers.


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