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NSW Testimonials


“The instructor made everything clear, was funny which relieved nerves and understanding of mistakes. He was engaging in his teaching style which made learning easier and enjoyable, 10/10!”

Thomas, Pre Learners Course

“The course was excellent, and the Instructor is an amazing Teacher, very professional and friendly he explained the course in detail and was easy to comprehend instructions and answering all queries.”

Jack, Pre Learners Course


“It was the right length of time for a novice level course (half day). I will be back to continue my rider training and I have told friends and work colleagues about it already. My riding improved straight away. The skills learned would have taken years to craft (otherwise). I am so much smoother in corners and overall cornering. Thanks Guys!”

Andrew, Roadsmart One Course

“Awesome course, every bike rider should do it! I felt more confident in applying the new skills and then rode 600 km on the weekend with no issues. Very happy camper.”

Rosemary, Roadsmart One Course


“This was the best day, well run, the coaching was great, and all the guys were very helpful, Wayne and Glenn were fantastic very helpful and professional will do it again!”

Nathan, Tracksmart Lapmaster

“Very good day! I have done three or four ride days at SMSP (each one on my regular ride, riding there in the morning and riding home in the afternoon) and had a ball each time. More fun than should be legal and the people who work there are very friendly and helpful!”

Andre, SMSP Ride Day


“It was well put together and adapted to the attendee’s skill level. Stay Upright have excellent instructors and having the chance to listen to the experts explain things and introduce me properly to adventure riding I think is priceless. ”

Michael, Adventure Bike Course

“The course is an excellent and is an absolute must have for any rider!! The step by step progression from standing on my pegs, riding my clutch and brake is easy to follow and challenges the rider.”

Andy, Adventure Bike Course

ACT Testimonials


“Gerald was an amazing instructor, he gave clear instructions and guidance, communicated effectively and was a great face for the Stay Upright course.”

Jason, Pre Learners Course

“The instructor was an excellent trainer and very professional. Just the right balance between emphasising the seriousness of riding a motorcycle as well as the enjoyment.”

Bradley, Pre Learners Course


“I was nervous, but the instructors were patient and very helpful which Improved my confidence big time, Thanks Stay Upright.”

Jacob, Roadsmart Two Course

“The training was great value for money, and I felt I learnt many practical things over the course that I will be able to use on the road.”

Masumi, Roadsmart One Course


“I found the instructor to be fantastic, the activities helped me to increase my confidence, reinforced the importance of using the correct systems for braking, especially in an emergency.”

Alex, MASTERS Course

“I’ve been riding for 3 years but I don’t believe my riding life has truly began until I took one of these classes. I’m so much more comfortable on my bike that it feels like a completely different experience! Thanks SU.”

Simone, Roadsmart One Course


“Building on basic skills, the course massively increased my ability and my confidence. Decades of road riding helped but this course fills all the gaps I was missing in off road Riding- amazing experience.”

Roger, Adventure Bike Course

“I am amazed at what I was comfortable doing on the bike by the end of the course.”

Craig, Adventure Bike Course

VIC Testimonials


“The instructor was excellent – very knowledgeable and down to earth, made you feel very comfortable and had some great advice and I felt confident on the bike. I went away feeling I can ride safely on the road.”

Matthew, Pre Learners Course

“Having never ridden a bike previously, I found the course exceptional in teaching me basic bike skills and developing my confidence whilst in a safe and controlled environment.”

Kevin, Pre Learners Course


“Thank you again for the best day out ever, I learned so much and had a ball doing so. Can’t wait to do RS3 in the near future, again thanks a lot SU.”

Shane, Roadsmart Two Course

“My son and I completed the stay upright course this weekend. We found it both very informative and helpful, we would like to compliment your instructor, on their efforts. They are all very enthusiastic and have a very positive attitude.”

Peter, Roadsmart Two Course


“I highly recommend this course to anyone starting to ride off-road, but also those riders looking to improve their skills.”

Joel, Adventure Bike Course

“I must admit that I was a bit intimidated in some of the activities but after the demonstrations, explanations, all fell into place for me and I was able to ride through terrain that I thought I would never be able to cross.”

Con, Adventure Bike Course

QLD Testimonials


“Lots of key things to get a learner to focus on. Instructor was brilliant and highly knowledgeable, I will definitely be doing further courses and would recommend Stay Upright with no hesitation.”

William, Q-Ride

“They cared about the quality of their teaching and were very observant of all students. I was impressed given what I previously thought would be a waste of time. It gave me such a better understanding of riding.”

John, Q-Ride


“What a great day, great instructors, nice weather and there is always something more you can learn or improve no matter how long you have been riding for.”

David, Roadsmart One Course

“The course has made me aware of my bad habits, with the feedback given I was able to improve throughout the day and it has made me a better rider. The instructors were fantastic.”

Amanda, Roadsmart Two Course


“Everything was great over the whole day. The training staff where excellent and the technique that they taught gave me confidence to ride my adventure bike off road and put what I learnt into practice.”

Pablo, Adventure Bike Course

“You guys are awesome, my confidence has improved so much – I conquered many firsts throughout the course, riding through sand to name one! The course delivery was excellent and I really learned alot.”

Hayden, Adventure Bike Course


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