Here’s what our customers say!

Here’s what our customers say!

Bikers meeting about licence training

Licensing Courses

“Thank you for making this experience a good one. I was nervous but my instructor made me feel more at ease. I learnt better habits and good tips in today’s class. Thank you again I highly recommend you guys to anyone wanting to learn to ride.”

“My instructor was great He gave practical feedback and the curriculum is extremely well designed. Using the systems approach, made it easier to correct mistakes quickly. The facilities were excellent, and the bikes and gear well maintained. Stay Upright should be proud. It’s a tightly run ship that made learning enjoyable and exciting while focusing on safety. Loved it!”

“The classrooms and tearoom were immaculate. the motorcycles supplied were in top condition, the range was clean and tidy and very laid out. I will be recommending SU to anyone looking to do their L’s. Thank you for a such a great day. Lot of fun, heaps of tips and tricks and really opened my eyes.”

“I had an excellent instructor –  friendly, approachable and forthcoming with good advice and helpful tips. The training facility is spacious and new, well laid out and the equipment (bikes and PPE as required) are equally of excellent quality. The content itself was well designed and delivered to ensure a great foundation in safety conscious development and it’s delivered with professionalism and humour. I appreciated the way new techniques and challenges were introduced that added complexity to preceding material and that each compound to reinforce the development of good riding practices. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Stay Upright courses to any rider, new or looking to develop and improve their roadcraft. I hope to attend more classes in future as time and practice permits. I’m glad that Perth finally has a facility like this and wish it every success!”

“Today was a great mix of people – some learners like me, some P-Platers and people who have already attained their licence and were looking to improve their skills. The instructors really love their job and it shows in the way they pass on knowledge and technique.”

“My instructor was the best! He gave us time to learn the actions, provided good advice, unstressed our nerves and had fun. He explained clearly what I needed to do. I’m looking forward to doing my P’s course soon.”

“My instructor was a great bloke with an even better sense of humour and knowledge of riding – with plenty of experience to back it up. He was patient with the less experienced riders. I’d highly recommend Stay Upright.”

L plate yellow learning plate

“Had a great experience. Instructor was an excellent teacher whilst the group was friendly. Great time. I’ve now done both the Ls and Ps test with SU and I’m keen to do some more lessons on the track someday too.”

“I had a great group of people which made the day enjoyable. I really felt more confident on the second day that I can now go on the road to practice further.”

Other Courses

“Fantastic morning completing Roadsmart One course in the rain. Thank you all for sharing some invaluable skills and knowledge today. I had a ball on the course and can’t thank you all enough for helping me improve my confidence/riding skills to become a safe and confident rider.”

“Our instructor was fantastic. His demeanor, manner and reassurance made the course enjoyable and stress free. Even for a dirt bike rider like me, he gave some great tips and insights as to how to ride better on the road. Highly recommended.”

Motorcycle training on starting line
Motorcycle licence training

“My instructors really made me feel comfortable riding. I’ve learnt the skills to be safe whilst riding on the road and now feel more confident. I can’t thank them enough. Really enjoyed the course.”

“Very happy with how I was treated. Instructor made me feel welcome and more confident in riding. Would definitely recommend SU.”

“Good crew, friendly, knowledgeable, experienced, encouraging and approachable. The instructors help to make motorcycling accessible and safe for all abilities. Will continue to recommend SU services.”

“My instructor was super patient, he gave perfectly clear instructions and was very clear with the route. I had a great experience and will recommend this academy to my friends!”

Motorcycle rider with vest training on corners