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SU Adventure

Best for: New Adventure Riders, Experienced Adventure Riders wanting to hone their skills and learn new ones.

  • Full Day Course
  • Skills include riding sand, picking up a dropped bike and descents and ascents
  • Off road techniques to go further, easier
  • Managing a big bike, offroad
  • Designed for all Adventure riders, with varying challenge levels in the one course
  • Bikes are available to hire for this course at the checkout

Adventure riding is a magnificent past time, but it can be challenging, too. Riding a big bike off road is much easier once you know the basic posture, throttle control and braking techniques to get through sand, up steep hills – and back down them! Once these skills are in your backpack, Australia is one big Adventure Playground!

You won’t believe what you can make an Adventure bike do, even after just a single day with us. Many of our customers astonish themselves with how far they progress in eight hours, allowing them to take their bikes even further into their design brief.

motorcycle rider training ATV training course

We cover many of the obstacles you will come across in a typical Adventure ride, and some you won’t! It’s a fun, involving course, including riding sand, uphills and downhills, braking control, how to use ABS and Traction Control, how to handle erosion mounds and, for those that tip the bike off the stand, how to pick the big, heavy things up single-handedly!

Adventure riding is liberating if you’re doing it right, frustrating and challenging if you’re not. Come and ride with us for a day – your bike will love you for it.

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