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Get your Licence with us!

Learning to ride a motorcycle properly on the public road is a complex thing. Small detailed changes to how you think, how you operate the bike and even where you put yourself on the road can make huge differences to the enjoyment of your riding, as well as your vulnerability.

Stay Upright prides itself in the quality of its coaches and training methods. Knowing what to say to a new rider to help them progress their riding isn’t something you learn without experience, a commitment to doing it right and a solid work ethic. Our Coaches are trained properly, we have all the formal qualifications required and then some, SU coaches around 35,000 riders a year – our experience is telling.

With competitive pricing, a long history of quality rider Coaching and the experience to make new riders, good riders, can you afford to get your licence anywhere else? We Coach well, we Coach right. Book Now! Call our team on 1300 366 640.






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