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How can I get my motorbike licence in NSW?

To get a P1 motorcycle licence in NSW, you need to complete five important steps with Stay Upright:

  1. Make sure you’re eligible
    You’ll need to be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or a temporary overseas visitor — with a residential address. If you’re at least 16 years and six months old, have a current driver’s license of TfNSW Customer number, have no outstanding fines with the State Debt Recovery Office, no restrictions for improper conduct, are medically fit and can pass an eyesight test, then you can move on the next step.
  2. Complete the NSW Pre-Learner Course
    Contact us to enrol in a location near you. Take the two-day course (3.5 hours each day) and pass the NSW motorcycle practice test to be eligible for the next stage.
  3. Take the Driver Knowledge and Eyesight Tests
    Apply for these tests with Service NSW within three months of completing your Pre-Learner Course. You will receive a course certificate.
  4. Practice makes perfect
    After a minimum of three months, you’ll be eligible to apply for your Pre-Provisional Licence.
  5. Pre-Provisional Licence
    Once you pass the Pre-Provisional Course and Skill Test (MOST), you’ll receive your course certificate. Book an appointment and take this to your nearest Service NSW to get your P1 licence.