So close!

We hope you enjoyed the first day of your Pre-Learner Course with Stay Upright.

How does more training sound?

Your instructor has determined from the standards set by Tasmanian Department of State Growth, that you will require some additional private training before safely continuing
with another attempt at Day 1.
We understand this is very disappointing, and are seeking to ease this feeling, by offering you
discounted private, one-on-one lessons, with one of our experienced instructors to get you
ready to successfully complete Day 1.
It is difficult to say for sure whether one lesson or more will be required. For many people,
one lesson is sufficient, others require 3 or 4.
We do it to make sure you are safe and can complete Day 1 and get ready for your two-wheel
Once your instructor is confident the private lesson(s) have adequately prepared you and
that you have achieved the educational outcomes for safely continuing the course, we will
rebook you onto Day 1 of the Learners course, at a discounted rate.

Next steps

There is nothing for you to do at this stage. Our friendly customer service team
will be in contact with you via email within 3 business days, to book you in. They
will also provide you with this information again, so you have a copy.
Thank you and good luck with your riding journey – you’re getting closer to two
wheel freedom!

Bikers meeting about licence training


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