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What happens in the training course?

Pre-Learner Motorcycle Training Course: is delivered over two full days. Throughout the course you will learn key skills to safely ride a motorcycle including, but not limited to, safe mount and dismount, major and minor controls, riding posture, cornering, braking and roadcraft skills. The course culminates with two assessments: One conducted on the range, the other on the road.

Check Ride Course: The Check Ride (CR): is designed to reinforce safe riding skills and behaviours on the road. It expands on the skills you learnt during your Pre-Learner Motorcycle Training Course and includes an on-range and on-road components and assessments.

Pre-Provisional Test: The Pre-Provisional Test is the final step in obtaining your motorcycle licence. This is a one and a half hour one-on-one assessment divided into two parts. The first part evaluates skills on the range, followed by a road assessment.