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How can I get my ACT motorcycle licence?

To get your P-Plate Motorcycle licence in the ACT, you’ll need to go through six key steps with Stay Upright:

  1. Double-check your eligibility
    To learn to ride a bike in , you’ll need to be at least 16 years and nine months old, be a resident of ACT (or in the process of becoming one) and have a learner, provisional or full licence — if you don’t have a driver’s licence, you can complete the Pre-Learner (Theory) Licence course to be eligible for an ACT motorcycle licence.
  2. Complete the Pre-Learner Licencing Course
    Apply for and complete the one-day learner’s course that we offer from October to March. You’ll receive your course certificate upon completion.
  3. Go to an Access Canberra Service Centre for licence endorsement
    After your Pre-Learner Licencing Course, take your certificate to an Access Canberra Service Centre to get it endorsed. You must do this within one month of completing your Pre-Learner Licencing Course to avoid your certificate from expiring.
    You’ll need to complete a visual acuity eye test before your certificate can be officially endorsed — you will then have a learner rider class added to your licence. After a minimum of three months, you can go for a Pre-Provisional Licence test.
  4. Practice your skills
    It’s a good idea to practice the skills you’ve learned and get used to riding so you can apply for a Pre-Provisional Course exam confidently. Use your time wisely, and make sure you take the test within 12 months of completing your Pre-Learner Licencing Course to be eligible for a P-Plate exam.
  5. Take the Pre-Provisional Course and Skills Test (MOST)
    To successfully transition from your L-Plates to P-Plates, you’ll need to complete the Pre-Provisional Course and the Motorcycle Operators Skills Test (MOST). It’s recommended that you don’t wait too long to take this exam, as the MOST can be redone, so you should account for the time it takes to reschedule.
  6. Pick up your Provisional Licence
    Visit Access Canberra to validate your certificate and receive your Provisional Licence (which lasts for three years). When you renew it, you’ll receive your full licence.