SU Roadsmart 1

Experience Level: L-platers, P-platers, Returning Riders

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  • Half Day Course
  • Track-based, road focussed
  • A car-free environment to work on your skills
  • Recognised by many insurers as a course which gives you a premium discount

This 1/2 day course expands the skills - both mental and physical - that your journey through the licencing courses introduced you to, allowing you to build your seat-time in a car-free environment and with our experienced coaches help build your skills.

There is zero pressure on you to ride at a certain pace, but we will work with you on road-focused cornering technique, how using Roadcraft can make your ride infinitely more enjoyable and sharing the knowledge SU has developed since 1981.

The half-day format makes it easier to digest the new information, but still leaves plenty of riding time. We keep the off-bike sessions to a minimum, ensuring your bike-time is well-spent and going in the right direction. Not to mention it's more fun that way!

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