Instructor Roadcraft Road Ride

Stay Upright will be running a limited number of Instructor Roadcraft Road Rides across all states. As Instructors, we diligently coach our customers to be safer riders on the road every time we run a course. While this is a wonderful endeavour, it would be great to ensure we are able to provide a skillful, professional example with our own riding. These events provide an opportunity to practice safe riding techniques, gain feedback from Senior SU Instructors, and bond outside of the Training range.

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Over the course of two days, we will discuss key Roadcraft skills including:

  • Observation,
  • Head Checks,
  • Safe travelling distances,
  • Road positioning,
  • Crash Avoidance,
  • Responding to Hazards, and
  • Operating the Controls.

Meeting at a central location for a Riders Briefing, we will then head out, riding popular motorcycle roads. There will be a lead and sweep rider, with stops along the way to provide feedback and discuss what was observed along the way.

These events are designed to be informal, and include fuel, accommodation and meals.

Places are limited, and staff can attend no more than 1 event in a year to ensure those interested have the opportunity to attend.

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