H-D Adventure - Off-road Introduction - 1 Day course

Join us at the Harley Davidson Adventure Academy to enhance your off-road and overall riding skills, whilst having a ball getting a little dirty. No matter what your experience level, we'll give yo the skills to fly!

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  • Posture - Understanding the difference when off-road
  • Vision - Crucial to planning and safety
  • Mount/Dismount - How to safely mount/dismount in less than perfect situations
  • Righting a Fallen Motorcycle - avoiding further injury and damage
  • Accelerating/Decelerating - Learning the importance of weight shift when standing
  • Footpeg Steering - The secrets to changing direction safely
  • Clutch Control - Understanding the many uses for this important tool
  • Tight Circles - Learning to maneuver whilst standing
  • Front/Rear Brake Unlocks - Learning to safely recover from brake lock ups
  • Slide Practice (Dirt Track) - Searching for grip in turns - gaining a feel for loss of grip and how to recover
  • Descending/Ascending Hills - System on how to safely negotiate inclines
  • Hill Recovery - How to safely re-attempt a failed hill climb
  • Riding in Sand - Crucial technique for a very awkward material
  • Adventure Trail Ride - Putting new skills to practice in real world

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