DoorDash - Safer Rider Course

The Safer Rider Course is an on-line learning module for Door Dash employees to help educate Door Dash on safe motorcycle operation.

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The topics covered include:

  • Road safety customised to the type of vehicle being used
  • Safe riding / driving practices
  • Vehicle pre-start / maintenance checks
  • Common road hazards and situations
  • Load balance
  • Adapting to road conditions and important regulations / laws
  • Impairment, including fatigue management, drugs, alcohol, medications and medical issues, and the impact of compounding effects of fatigue
  • Selection of, and access to, appropriate personal protective equipment with reference to relevant AS/NZS standards and./or regulations
  • Importance of motorised vehicles being roadworthy and bicycles and e-Bikes being compliant with AS/NZS standards and/or local or national regulations
  • Adequate and proper use of personal protective equipment
  • Safe and compliant use of delivery equipment, such as insulated delivery bags and mobile phones when delivering, including that navigation systems are specific to the mode of transport being used and mobile phones are appropriately mounted to the vehicle
  • Managing delivery loads so food delivery workers can assess loads to determine whether they are safe and acceptable for the mode of transport

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