Roadsmart 3

Experience Level: Riders who have done our Intermediate and/or Advanced Courses and want to improve further, sports road riders who enjoy a spirited ride and want to do it smarter.

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  • Full day course with lots of personal feedback and track time
  • Cornering is the most fun aspect of riding, but the area most can improve
  • Explodes braking myths, works on the rider's ability to make the best of their bike's braking systems

This course is the third in our Roadsmart series and takes a good, hard look at two of the most fun, yet misunderstood aspects of riding a bike on the road - cornering and braking.

We show you the best lines to use on the road, and why. We take you through the best techniques and methods to help you get the most out of your road riding, whilst reducing your risk at the same time.

We coach you through the best braking methods and how to make the most of your bike's technology - once you understand braking, it's amazing how well you can use brakes on the road to make your ride more enjoyable, consistent and still reduce your risk.

We also introduce more track-focused cornering skills, for those wanting to take their skills even further.

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