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Q-Ride Courses Now Available in Redlynch

Take advantage of Q-Ride motorcycle licence training at Stay Upright. Based in Redlynch, we offer the most comprehensive beginner and advanced rider training programs. A road safety initiative, Q-Ride combines instruction and assessment by highly qualified, patient, professional Redlynch trainers. All weekday and weekend motorcycle classes are conducted by Stay Upright in Queensland.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course Encompasses:

  • Preparing a Motorbike for Operation – covering pre-ride checks and routine maintenance issues.
  • Maneuvering a Motorbike at Low Speeds including mount and dismount and slow riding techniques.
  • Control a Motorbike at Road Speeds including gear changing, emergency techniques like braking and swerving.
  • Applying Roadcraft that is developing mental skills and strategies to ride defensively, recognise hazards and reduce the risks that motorcyclists face every day on the road.

Redlynch Q-Ride – Pre Learners Course (2 Day)

The Redlynch Q-Ride Two Day Course is compulsory for any new rider wanting to gain their Learner Licence. It’s delivered over two 6-hour days and is designed to fast-track your two-wheeled education! Bike hire and gear hire are available when you checkout. The duration of the motorcycle beginner course may change depending on group’s needs.
$399 including bike, helmet and glove hire

Redlynch Q-Ride – RE Licence Course (One Day)

Already got your learner’s licence? Held it for longer than 3 months? This training program is the next Q-Ride step! Bike hire and gear hire are available at the checkout.
$299 including bike, helmet and glove hire

Redlynch Q-Ride – R Licence Course (Half Day)

This motorbike skills course is for riders wanting to upgrade their open or provisional RE licence to the unrestricted R class. Bike hire and gear hire are available when you checkout.
$239 including bike, helmet and glove hire

Redlynch Private Sessions

Personalised one-on-one tuition for one hour, to focus on whatever area you need help with.
$95hr including bike hire

Redlynch Accompanied Rides – QLD

As an L-plater in Queensland, you need to be accompanied by a fully-licenced rider to be on your bike – easier said than done! Why not use our Accompanied Ride program to not only be able to ride on the road, but also benefit from on the spot instruction, roadcraft methods and tips and techniques to be able to ride smart on the road?
$199 including bike hire

Get Motorcycle Q-Ride Training Now

Go ahead and register at our training centres in Queensland, namely Smithfield. Our facilities are all conveniently located and well within highly populated areas. Aside from Redlynch in Smithfield, we welcome all motorcycle riders in Smithfield, Cairns, Edmonton and Mareeba, to name a few.

Rest assured that Stay Upright is accredited by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. Students are in good hands under the supervision of our expert instructors. With their help, you will be able to exhibit total readiness on the road and be granted a valid licence. Contact Stay Upright on 1300 366 640 for more info on Queensland motorcycle licence training programs.

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