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Motorcycle Rider Training for Redlynch Motorists

The distractions facing drivers in Redlynch are increasing. For instance, drivers texting behind the wheel is problematic for motorcyclists, even when just sitting in traffic. Talking on the phone, even on a hands-free device, can still be risky because attention is split between the conversation and the road. Listening to music, fiddling with other electronic devices or simply not focusing driving can lead to serious consequences for motorcyclists.

Dealing with these issues on Redlynch’s public streets is part of the reason the Q-Ride scheme delivers motorcycle rider training to gain your licence. You can learn all this through motorcycle training with Stay Upright.

Motorcycle Licence Training Pioneers in Redlynch

Since becoming the Australian pioneers of motorcycle skills course programmes in Redlynch, Stay Upright remains the leader in the field. We aim to deliver the very best rider training skills in Redlynch and surrounding suburbs. We cover anything from motorcycle beginner Q-Ride courses through to advanced rider training – pretty much anything with a handlebar and an engine!

SU’s vision remains the same as it always has been – to reduce the amount of Redlynch motorcycle riders involved in road accidents and to improve rider’s skills and the way they think about their riding. We are proud of our team, a motivated bunch of highly-skilled professionals nationwide. They are dedicated to providing the best rider training experience available in Redlynch.

Our company is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), nationally accredited by ASQA, and is also accredited to provide training and testing services by VicRoads, NSW RMS, the ACT Government and Queensland Transport and Main Roads. Stay Upright Pty Ltd also has a Nationally Recognised Quality System to AQTF 2007.

Apply What You Learned in Motorbike Training School

You wanted to learn to ride and now you know how. You have finished the pre-learner course and you have your licence in Smithfield. What next?

It is worth remembering that the pre-learner course is designed to teach you the basic skills and roadcraft strategies to be safe on the road. It won’t turn you into an expert in seven hours. The course is just the first step. The more you practice your skills and apply roadcraft (Observation, Slow Down and Buffer), the more expertise you will develop.

Sometimes it’s not that simple to get past that last hurdle of just getting on and riding on the road. If you are new to this whole thing and the learner course was the first time you have ridden, you are going to need to allow yourself time to become comfortable with your new bike. This will help you practice the skills you learned on the course. To know more about our Redlynch programmes, contact Stay Upright on 1300 366 640.

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