Driving Lessons

Stay Road Right is the ACT's newest driver training provider and the only provider in the ACT who can deliver all your driver training needs. Stay Road Right is a division of Stay Upright a company with a proud 40-year history in safely training its customers to ride motorcycles. One on one driver training with our experienced instructors in our brand new modern and safe cars. We have both manual and automatic vehicles available. Multiple times of the day and any location with flexible lesson options.

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Important information before you book your driving reviews(excluding driving lessons):
Reviews require 36 hrs notice.
Reviews cannot be conducted on Sundays or Public Holidays.
Review 1 – 22 you must have completed the 1 – 17 review.

For review 1 – 23, you must have:
Completed the 1 – 22 review
Under 25 y/o completed 100 required driving hours including 10 hours night driving, held new learner licence for at least 12 months.
Over 25 y/o completed 50 required driving hours including 5 hours night driving, held new learner licence for at least 6 months.
Successfully completed the hazard perception test https://safeplatestesting.act.gov.au and must be a minimum of 17 years.