PDA Preparation Course (Moped & R-E)

This course is a must do for anyone preparing to site the Practical Riding Assessment. See full description at the bottom of this page below the course dates.

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  • Designed for those preparing to pass their Practical Riding Assessment
  • A focus on how to make your ride both safe and enjoyable
  • Plenty of time dedicated to the key areas of riding ability covered by the Practical Riding Assessment
  • Both on range and on road components, all with an experienced instructor
  • 7 hour course with a maximum of 6 to a group
  • Includes a practise Practical Riding Assessment at the conclusion of the course


Stay Upright's PDA Preparation Course is for anyone preparing to sit the Practical Riding Assessment. Not only will you practice the key skills that you will be tested on during the Practical Riding Assessment, but you will develop life-long riding skills to make you a better, safer rider so that you get maximum enjoyment out of your time on two wheels.


WA Motorcycle Learners Licence, minimum age 17.